Cedar Valley Lodge

Located on lake Kipawa, in the south-west region of Quebec, Canada, our lodge is accessible by road and by boat. This remote beauty of pure wilderness and gorgeous natural surroundings produce one of the best fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventures in Quebec.

Lake Kipawa provides crystal clear and deep waters, reaching close to over 80 kilometers in width and has over 1600 kilometers of breathtaking scenery. There is amazing wildlife along the shoreline to discover along the bays and hidden coves. Many spots on the lake produce ideal conditions for our main catch – yellow pickerel but also the rare to find blue pickerel, northern pike and lake trout thrive in our waters; making it an excellent play of man vs nature every time your indulge yourself in your favorite sport. 

Plenty of smaller lakes, rivers, and swamps connect to lake Kipawa. As such, a  diverse ecosystem produces ideal territories for both moose and black bear. Our hunting grounds can accommodate novice and more experienced hunters. Our success rates have been high over the years as we prepare trails, tree stands and baited sites with quality aimed for success.

For the true outdoor adventurists, the adventure never stops. There is plenty to do or not do! In recent years we have discovered a love of foraging for wild berries and mushrooms, identifying birds and other small wildlife, collecting wild trinkets, canoeing around the bay, or lounge on the deck with your favorite drink, a book and some peace and quiet to soak it all in.

Whether you are an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, hunter, or just a admirer of nature, lake Kipawa will not disappoint with her beauty. 

The ILIC family welcomes you to your home away from home!


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A Fishing Paradise

Fish for Pickerel (Walleye) blue and yellow, lake trout, northern pike and smallmouth bass, white fish and much more

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Spring Black Bear Hunting


We offer baited black bear hunting! Book your dates right now!

Success Rate High

A high population of moose. Hunting is open for archery and rifle season!

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