Wheather you are a first time hunter, a seasoned professional or a outdoor enthusiast we promise our region will give you and unforgettable experience. Furthermore, every season produces a good harvest thanks to the fantastic management of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife and mindfullness of our ethical hunters. Come and enjoy a thrilling hunt in ideal conditions while sharing your passion for the outdoors.

Spring Black Bear Hunt – PRE BAITED SITES

Quota: 1 bear per hunter  Period: May 15 to Jun 30, 2023

Quebec is one of the few provinces in Canada where baiting for bears is allowed. Where controlled hunting is permitted, the black bear population numbers over 60,000. Spring, being the off season, is the ideal time to get back in the woods after a long winter. In the spring, the hair on a bear is over six inches long making an ideal rug or mount. Taking the older males drastically improves the mortality rate of young bears as the older males kill more bears than all hunters combined. This increases the population and creates a healthier gene pool among the bear population.

Each tree stand is strategically positioned so you have both, a picture perfect view and the best chances possible of bagging a bear. Limited amount of tags available so booking early is recommended.

Click here for black bear hunting regulations for zone 13
For information on game transportation, preparation and preservation please contact us

Moose Hunt

Archery Season

Quota: 1 moose per 2 hunters  Period: Sept 16 to 30th, 2023

Rifle Season

Quota: 1 moose per 2 hunters  Period: Oct 07 to 21st, 2023

Hunting for the biggest game animal in Canada combined with the vast wilderness will put all of your hunting and outdoor skills to the test. The Outfitter begins grooming trails and scouting moose territories several weeks before your actual hunt. Zone 13 has a very healthy moose population. Click here for more updated information.   A tree stand is provided to each hunter (all stands are well maintained).

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Small Game Hunting

Quota: 2  Period: May 15 to Sep 13, 2020

Hunting is a game of chance, using ones instinct, knowledge and patience. Quebec is a hunter’s paradise, offering a rich and diverse ecosystem. CEDAR VALLEY LODGE is renowned for its hospitality and respect for the land. We offer an exclusive territory to challenge any hunter.

Click here for more information on zone 13 regulations and what is available for hunting

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