We are located on lake Kipawa, in the south-west region of Quebec, Canada. Our lodge is accessible by road and by boat. The remote beauty of pure wilderness and untouched natural surroundings in front of our doorstep produces one of the best fishing and hunting adventures in Quebec.

Kipawa lake provides crystal clear and deep waters, it reaches close to over 80 kilometres in width and has over 1600 kilometres of breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife along the shoreline to discover. Ideal conditions for our main catch, yellow Walleye but also rare to find blue Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout thrive in our waters making it an excellent haul every time your indulge yourself in your favourite sport. Lets just say, the daily possession limit is easy to reach.

Furthermore, the lake is incredibly safe for fishing and boating because it’s vastly protected by many islands and bays so your never far from shore. Your mind doesn’t need to focus on lake orientation, it is well marked and we also provide a detailed map of the entire lake area. The unspoiled wild live within our hunting territory provides amazing opportunities for bear, moose and small game hunting in the zone 13 in Quebec. We offer semi guided hunting and onsite taxidermy services for all of our guests.

Cedar Valley Lodge is a family operated business and it’s located in a secluded bay on the northern part of the Kipawa lake surrounded by aged cedar, pine and birch trees. All our 6 cabins are lake facing and provide great home comfort with the curten outdoor touch. A stunning stream is wining his way through our property and it flows straight into lake Kipawa, creating the the perfect spanning grounds for the native fish species.

Your always welcome to see and try for yourself but we will try to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Always feel free to give us suggestions and improvements that will help us to make your next stay at our lodge even better than the previous one.

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