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Lake Kipawa offers some of the most brilliant fishing for yellow and blue Pickerel (Walleye), Northern Pike and Lake Trout. The lake is known for its water purity, remoteness, countless bays and inlets, drop offs, and soaring cliffs producing a very healthy and constant fish population.

Whether you catch fish off our docks or troll/jig along the many bays and hidden nooks of the lake, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful surrounding wilderness. 

We hope you will find your favourite “secret” spot on our beautiful lake so you can return for another great fishing trip to these waters.

We offer maps/guides of the best spots and some of our personal favourites. 

We look forward in you catching THE one.


Possession Limit: 6

Fishing Period: From May 20 To Oct 25, 2023

For more detailed and up to date information please visit Sport fishing in Québec including fishing periods, limits and exceptions here.




Quota: 6  Period: May 20 to Oct 25, 2023

These ferocious fish average from 25 inches to 36 inches in length, with many being caught at 40+ inches. This species is somewhat torpedo shaped and green in colour with white spots along its sides. As a distinct predator, its large eyes sit high on its broad head, and has a large mouth with many razor sharp teeth. This fish has a row of tiny pores under its lower jaw which usually amounts to 5 on each side, never exceeding 11. This is the most definite key characteristic to use in differentiating between a Northern Pike and a Muskie.


Possession Limit: 1 

Fishing Period: From May 20 To Sep 13, 2023

Lake Kipawa’s claim to fame is its outstanding Lake Trout fishery. These cold water char are ferocious feeders who follow the lake’s abundant herring schools. In May and early June they are fished by flat-lining trolling spoons or body baits, casting or jigging points and shoals. As the surface water warms, the trout move deeper and for most of the season they are below 25ft. Down-riggers, wire or lead core line is the way to get spoons down to them in the summer.


Quota: 6  Period: Jun 15 to Sep 13, 2023

These fiesty fighters seem only to have recently inhabited the waters of Kipawa’s North Arm. Since they are active feeders during the day, they make for an exciting addition to the evening walleye bite. Anglers who target the bass do very well catching 18 and 20 inch lunkers. They will readily hit Mepps spinners tipped with a minnow, jigs or crank baits. Shallow rock shoals and points or sandy drop offs produce best. 6 fish limit, and no size limit. It is a pretty incredible smallmouth fishery, without any signs of it having negatively affected the walleye population.

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Blue walleye caught by pro fisher woman Mirjana