Lake Kipawa has more than 1600 kilometres of shoreline, countless islands, long channels witch are surrounded by cedar, pine and spruce forests. Cedar Valley Lodge is a hidden treasure located in the northern part of the lake. Excursions by boat and canoe, wild life observations and photography, hikes into nearby secluded lakes for extra fishing excitement. A exclusive 5 lake chain is very close by and it’s offered to all our guest for various outdoor activities.

All of the surrounding trees in public forests are under 60 years old, but the region also has the oldest trees in eastern North America, including cedars over 900 years old.

This private and quite oasis is not just a heaven for fisherman and hunters but for all outdoor enthusiast alike. At Cedar Valley Lodge we focus on a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy, get to know and bond with mother nature.

Come and take pleasures in some of the outdoor activities

  • Family vacation
  • Canoeing, Boating
  • Swimming, Snorkeling
  • Diving, Hiking

“Coming to a resort to relax with your family or friends, having fun on the lake and a drink on the dock sounds like heaven to a lot of people!”

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • ATV
  • Wild fruit / mushroom picking
  • Wildlife observation & Nature photography


“We hope to see you soon at CEDAR VALLEY LODGE on beautiful lake Kipawa.”

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