First fishing kit (the essentials for beginners)

Fishing is not your passion, but you plan to do a bit of fishing at the end of the wharf, with both feet in the river or in a boat? You think your children might like it, but you don’t know where to start to equip them? No problem, here is a list of essentials for a successful first fishing kit!

The rod

Instead of getting lost with the wide range of fishing rods on the market, look for a fishing rod and spinning reel of medium power (M). A good base to thwart trout, walleye and even bass! And if the objective is limited to staying on the shore to tease the yellow perch or sunfish with the younger ones, an ultra-light (UL) model is all you need.

The case

Not an insignificant detail, a rigid case with a strap will allow you to carry your rod safely and extend its life. Opt for a durable and easy to care for nylon.

The box

No one wants to find their hook stuck in the car seat or their precious lures scattered in the bottom of the boat. To find everything in the same place, the tackle box is the number one accessory in a good basic fishing kit. Well compartmentalized, it will make you feel like a pro!

The lures

Spinners, hard baits of all shapes and colours, lures are opportunities to attract fish based on their habitat and species. Start by getting flexible lures of various shapes and sizes and see what works best.

The tools

Just like the carpenter, plumber or electrician, the fisherman must always have his tools handy. Which tools? Nothing complicated. A good knife to prepare the catches, but also to cut the line, a pair of pliers for the stubborn hooks, line and hooks, precisely, a spoon net to take the beast before it escapes or just catch the bottle dropped overboard, a chain or a fish basket and a box full of swarming worms!

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