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Walleye Chowder

Ingredients: 1 lb. diced walleye4 medium potatoes diced into bite-sized pieces1 medium onion diced but not into small pieces1 large carrot sliced thinGarlic salt, pepper, and salt to taste Directions: Add water to the vegetables just enough to cover them completely. Cook the vegetables until they are tender. Then, add four slices of diced bacon […]

Bacon-Wrapped Walleye Kebab

Makes four servings. Requires four skewers. 24 ounces walleye, filleted and skin removed 1 pound thick-cut bacon from deli1 of each: red, yellow, green bell pepper and medium red onion, chopped 12-16 large cherry tomatoes (optional) Light dusting of salt and pepper To prepare vegetables: Cut top and bottom off the onion, peel paper skin and […]

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